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When’s The Best Time To Take CBD?

When’s The Best Time To Take CBD?

What is the best time of day to take CBD oil is one of the most asked questions among people who use CBD. While there is no written code on when CBD works best, knowing when to use your CBD gummies for sleep will ensure you get maximum effects and relief. Herein, we discuss some real-life cases of when you should take CBD and how different times in your day might affect how well CBD works for you.

Best Time to Take CBD Oil Under the Tongue

Taking CBD under the tongue, commonly known as sublingually, is one of the best ways to take CBD at any time of the day. Sublingual CBD will get into your bloodstream immediately, as cannabinoids do not have to pass through the digestive tract to be absorbed.

When taking CBD under the tongue, you will experience its effects as early as 15 minutes. Some of the best times to take CBD include:

  • in the morning
  • before a workout
  • before bedtime

In The Morning

Taking CBD in the morning will help you start your day in style. CBD may help with pain and stiffness, especially when you had a rough day at work the previous day.

Research shows that anxiety is one of the world’s mysterious health conditions that comes with old age and seems to be at its peak in the morning.

Taking CBD in the morning may help you deal with anxiety and help improve focus. CBD could be the “pick me up” you need to get into the day’s chores after a long night’s sleep.

Before a Workout

Before a workout session is also one of the best times to take CBD oil under the tongue. CBD will energize and motivate you to get the best out of your workout session.

Some experts suggest that CBD helps soothe stress and discomfort. Hence, taking CBD oil before your workout session may help reduce stress and anxiety, promote mobility, enhance oxygen delivery and maximize performance.

Plus, it can also help you sleep better at night so that you’re ready for another day of working out!

In addition to being a great supplement before working out, you take CBD as a post-workout supplement to help muscle recovery. You can also take CBD before engaging in any physical activity, which will help enhance productivity.

Before Bedtime

“Should I take CBD at night?” Yes. There are many reasons why you can or should take CBD at night, before bedtime. Some anecdotal research shows that our brain tends to race a lot with negative thoughts immediately after we get into bed at night.

Some of the instances when taking CBD before bed is for better sleep. While CBD oil will help you deal with insomnia, it can help you have a quality bedtime without experiencing unnecessary turning and tossing. If you’re a person who struggles with nightmares and weird dreams, CBD helps with staying asleep.

A clinical study seeking to understand the role of CBD in sleep disorders also shows that cannabidiol has several benefits in managing anxiety-related insomnia.

Wrap Up on The Best Time to Take CBD

Several CBD users ask, “when should I take CBD oil, morning or night”; the time you take CBD products found here, depends on the condition you are trying to manage. Taking CBD in the morning will help boost your mood and energize you. On the other hand, taking CBD at night will help you fall asleep and have a quality bedtime.

Taking CBD at any time of the day will only affect its performance if you take the correct dose. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend you take your CBD oil daily.