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How Throwing Out the Scales Can Help You Love Your Body!

How Throwing Out the Scales Can Help You Love Your Body!

You are not defined by your weight – yet many people see that number on the scales as a measurement of their self-worth. This obsession increases your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which can have all kinds of negative effects on your wellbeing.

I used to be there. I’d see that silly number on the scale as a reflection of myself, which greatly affected my self-esteem and propelled my insecurities. All that worry did me zero good – in fact, it was a huge stressor that strained my relationship with my precious body. Instead of connecting by feeling into my body and mind, I was disconnecting through measurements and numbers.

The scales really are a slippery slope in many ways. If you weigh yourself and don’t like the number you see, you may also feel less motivated to make healthy choices. You might write the rest of the day off, and self-berate or emotionally overeat. It’s a toxic cycle that breaks down that relationship with the nourishment and joy of food and the unique miracle of your body.

Throw out the scales!

It’s such a simple, yet super powerful tool that I believe will help you heal your relationship with both your body and food. Especially if you’re working on finding balance with nutrition and exercise, while building up your self confidence and body love – just as I was when I finally ditched the scales for good. I haven’t looked back since. Give your body a chance to work with its innate wisdom. Trust your body and stop focusing on your weight so much. It’s not worth it.

When you make a decision to live a balanced, active life, your weight will naturally find its healthy range and you’ll be able to welcome in a lifestyle that is consistent and sustainable.

It may go up and down at times due to fluid, hormonal changes and dehydration. This is normal! Remember, muscle also weighs more than fat. Really, your scale can tell you little about your state of wellbeing. Your healthy body may weigh more than you think it should. Forget numbers, remember body love. 

So, my advice is to give up the scales for at least 3 months – from experience, you will be amazed at what happens. Suddenly your body relaxes, your relationship with food starts to settle down and anxiety decreases – this all helps you feel much more connected to your body.

The pressure of numbers and scales is incredibly taxing and exhausting on the body.

Rather, give thanks for your body and everything it does for you on a daily basis (it really is incredible!), and monitor how you truly feel. Let that be your gauge.

Here for you, always.

Love Jess x