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Dark make-up look

<strong>Dark make-up look</strong>

People often like to experiment with different kinds of make-up looks, varying from very bright to very dark and everything in between. This will hopefully give you a better understanding of a dark make-up look and how to achieve that which you want.

The base of the look

You mostly start with a base of foundation, which has to be your shade. It’s not too difficult to find your own shade, given that a lot of stores also let you get samples to make sure you get the right one. Foundation bottles and jars come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some have a pump to apply the foundation, others have a dropper to do so. The ones with a pump are often applied to the hand or a beauty blender before actually applying it to the face. Dropper bottles can go either way, whichever one you prefer. Cosmetic jars wholesale may also give you the opportunity to get some jars of your own, in case you ever need them. Besides foundation, concealer often comes into play here as well. Contour might as well, but not everyone likes to use contour, so that’s entirely up to you. It’s mostly used to get rid of black circles, though they may complete a dark make-up look like this. You can also cover up some blemishes if you feel the need.

The main part

The main part would probably be the eyes and lips. Eyeliner is often used in darker make-up looks, as well as an eye pencil to color your waterline. Mascara is most likely a must here, though false lashes are also a big part of looks like this. It mostly depends on how dark you want the look to be. Your lips, you guessed it, could use a darker colored lipstick or lipgloss in this case. You don’t have to immediately grab the black lipstick, as long as it’s dark. With eyeshadow you can mostly choose whatever you want, even if it’s a lighter color. 

Any extras

Nothing more is really necessary for a look like this, though you can always decide to go the extra mile and put your hair up in a different way, maybe dress a different way. Whether this is for one day (special or not) or you just want to start doing this on a daily basis, these few things have hopefully been of use to you.