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Take control of lactose intolerance

Take control of lactose intolerance
Take control of lactose intolerance

For an estimated four million individuals in the British isles, milk, ice cream and other dairy products are off the menu due to lactose intolerance.

This is unfortunate due to the fact milk and products and solutions such as cheese and yoghurt are packed with vitamins that are advantageous to our health and fitness. In individual, they’re great resources of protein and calcium. They also supply a lot of other natural vitamins and minerals, which includes vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin D, phosphorous and potassium.

Jointly, these vitamins contribute to keeping our muscles, bones, teeth, skin, eyesight and anxious technique healthy. They’re in particular useful as we get older to ward off age-relevant situations these types of as osteoporosis. This is of certain problem to gals put up-menopause, when hormonal modifications lead to lessened bone density. Calcium is specially critical for supporting us manage robust bones. And vitamin D is useful because it aids us take in calcium from our food stuff.

What is lactose intolerance?

It is value noting that lactose intolerance is not the identical as a milk or dairy allergy. It is a digestive trouble prompted by the human body becoming unable to split down lactose.

Lactose is a sugar located in dairy food items, and to split it down, we have to have an enzyme identified as lactase. Most of us can deliver all the lactase we want in the modest intestine. For people who just cannot, which is when lactose intolerance gets to be a problem.

The outcome can be disagreeable signs such as bloating, abdomen cramps, wind and diarrhoea. You can prevent these consequences by slicing out dairy from your eating plan, but that can be quite restrictive – specially if you enjoy having out. It also means summertime treats these kinds of as ice product are strictly off-limitations.

You can delight in dairy all over again

The great information? It’s straightforward to prime up the lactase in your process with Milkaid. Each and every raspberry-flavoured pill incorporates a dose of 3000 ALU of lactase. This usually means chewing just a single or two tablets immediately in advance of consuming any food items made up of lactose ought to be sufficient to assist you crack it down.

Staying so uncomplicated to choose, Milkaid is excellent when you’re ingesting out. And simply because a lot of small children build lactose intolerance ahead of the age of 10, there’s also Milkaid Junior – strawberry flavoured tablets suited for youngsters aged 3 and more than.

Alternatively, test Milkaid Drops – add a few drops to 500ml of milk and refrigerate for 24 hours. It breaks down the lactose by up to 70%, so you can appreciate milk in your cup of tea or on your cereal without having fear of unpleasant outcomes. Or add 10 drops for up to 99% lactose reduction.

Milkaid incorporates no synthetic flavours, gluten or yeast. 

Treat lactose intolerance with the Milkaid range including chewable tablets, lactase enzyme drops and Milkaid Junior for kids

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