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Get Moving with the Best Exercises After Weight Loss Surgery

Get Moving with the Best Exercises After Weight Loss Surgery
Get Moving with the Best Exercises After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a great method for those who are morbidly obese. Nowadays most men and women struggle with their weight due to genetics, an eating disorder, or other issues. If you are one of the many people who have undergone bariatric surgery, you’re probably wondering what workout you should be performing as part of your post-operative care. 

I had weight loss surgery in February 2014, and that surgery changed my life totally. Being a healthcare provider, it was important I treated my body with the respect it deserved, and like all of my patients did so. Now I feel like I am stronger than ever. However, you must be aware of the physical limitations that may result from major surgery and how it can influence your daily activities.

Why Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery Is Important?

Weight loss surgery patients must take good care to live a long and healthy life after their surgery. Regular exercise is one of the best tools for people who have undergone surgery as it provides them with numerous health benefits. Exercise will help to lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar control and help to maintain weight.

So to help you have good results out of your body transformation journey and still meet a few exercise goals, I have put together some great workouts to do after weight loss surgery. 

5. Pelvic Floor Workout (Kegels).

Pelvic Floor Workout (Kegels)

Kegel exercises are important for weight loss surgery patients’ recovery and for their overall health also. You can do them anywhere, anytime and they help strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. It also helps to prevent urinary incontinence after weight loss surgery.

Kegel exercises are one of the most common female fitness routines among women. Kegel exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, reducing involuntary urine loss and also stress incontinence.

 It also helps you to prevent vaginal prolapse, and improve urinary control. The best part? You can do it anywhere.

If you are also trying to incorporate some workouts into your exercise routine, you need to wear comfortable gym outfits that should have a sweat-absorbing quality as well. 

4. Performing yoga. 

Performing yoga

If you have undergone weight loss surgery and are now looking for ways to stay attached to the world of yoga and remain fit, then my words of guidance are that you must try out yoga after weight loss surgery. It is the best way to shed extra pounds in order to live a healthy life full of stamina and well. 

It is an incredible exercise that improves your breathing, increases body flexibility, and helps to tone up your muscles. 

As a beginner, you can take start by performing yoga with slow moves and must emphasize more on your stretching and breathing techniques. Nowadays more and more people are getting themselves towards yoga after their weight loss surgery to maintain their weight, regain control over their bodies and minds, and improve their overall fitness.

3. Pilates After Weight Loss Surgery.

Pilates is an exercise regimen that is used to strengthen your core strength as well as flexibility, balance, and coordination of your body. Being extremely challenging and effective, pilates not just assists in reducing weight but also reduces stress and improves your sleep as well.

The exercise regime can be performed at home or at a gym (wherever you feel comfortable) with the help of an instructor/coach who will guide you throughout your exercise session. 

2. Swimming After Weight Loss Surgery. 

Water therapy has various advantages that not only improve your physical condition but also help you mentally and emotionally.  Swimming is an incredible cardiovascular activity, as well as exercise for your whole body. It engages your muscles that are neglected during other forms of exercise.

The benefits of swimming after weight loss surgery are the same as any other form of exercise. It is a low-impact exercise that works on all parts of the body, it will help you to build strength, and endurance and may help you to shred extra fat. 

1. Walking After Weight Loss Surgery. 

Walking is one of the most common popular workouts among weight loss surgery patients. Walking has many health benefits and it can also be an essential component of a physical fitness program. 

After your weight loss surgery, walking helps to get your body back into its shape and improve your overall health. It can also help you to maintain a healthy weight, which is important after bariatric surgery. 

After approximately 2 months of having the gastric sleeve procedure, you will notice that you will be able to find that you can walk for longer distances. 

Besides that, as I debated above, if you are also trying to get enrolled in the gym in order to improve your health you need to invest in lightweight and high-quality gym attire that must support your exercise sessions.